Feb. 14

Valentine’s Day, Single’s Awareness Day, Galentine Day… There are a lot of different titles that today can be labeled as depending on who you ask (Or Taco Tuesday, because you can not let that one go to waste either). Today would be a perfect excuse to do another country playlist, or any type of playlist really. Or perhaps even a list of books to read, man and women crushes… there are a ton of options. But, this one seems a little more fitting, and probably even weirder to some.

I will admit that I have a made-up list of “Couple Goals.” Couples who I find completely adorable and seem to have the who “Dream Team” feel under control. This list consists of everyone from Hollywood actors, country artists, even sport couples have been known to be added to my list. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I give you my top five “Dream Team” couples (and as I write this, I realize that this list is embarrassingly long).

1. Scotty McCreery and Gabi Dugal

tumblr_mcl5r7lsbt1qc4k7no7_400While Scotty McCreery won the hearts of thousands when he was on American Idol, it seems the hometown girl had won his long before he was a country artist. If you follow McCreery on social media, the couple just celebrated their five year anniversary, and their posts are just as cute as they are.



2. Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins thomas-rhett-vacation-new-song

Two of my all-time favorite songs are written by Thomas Rhett, and they are inspired by his wife and childhood best friend (I am starting to see a trend). With “Die a Happy Man” and “Star of the Show” both being number one hits, it is no surprise that their love is as magical as the songs.

3. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively


I feel as if this was a win-win for the two of them. Lively got to marry Deadpool, and Reynolds got to marry Serena van der Woodse. As two of Hollywood’s hottest actors, and Ryan Reynolds being a comedy genius, they really seem to be Hollywood’s power couple.



4. Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex5-29-162btruex2bwins2bthe2bcoca-cola2b6002bcredit2bcharlotte2bbray

Okay so maybe not everyone has heard of them. But if you have, you have to admit that these two have a story and a bond like no other. After Pollex’s battle with cancer, the couple still has yet to ever get married (they prefer life partners instead) and continue to not only kick but on the track but also raising awareness for ovarian and pediatric cancer.

5. Barack and Michelle Obama

All politics obama_wide-4809c60b4faa061d7a6262d757d5b387ca155a3b-s900-c85aside, these two are a perfect pair who never fail to make it known how much they love each other. From Michelle’s fitness kicks and Barack’s corny dad jokes, it is so sweet to see how they show their love to the world. They may not be in the White House anymore, but they will still be on this list no matter what.

So whether or not you are celebrating this holiday with your significant other, your dog, your friends, or food, just remember that you should show love 365 days a year, not just on a Hallmark holiday. Love makes the world go round, and so does the chocolate that will be on sale tomorrow.