To Little Big Town – Love, Taylor Swift

Did you ever hear a song, and think it belonged to one artist when it actually was a totally different one? I do not think I was the only one when I heard Little Big Town’s newest number one song, “Better Man” who immediately thought of Taylor Swift when I had hit play. Turns out, the hit was written by Swift herself, and if you are a Swiftie (like me) you were probably immediately trying to figure out who the inspiration behind “Better Man” was. Unfortunately, I am still taking guesses on whether or not Calvin Harris or Tom Hiddleston were the culprits… or if we are supposed to be taking a trip down memory lane to figure out who should be a better man.

At the 50th CMA Awards, Little Big Town performed the song for the first time live and sold the crowd with an intimate rendition that involved grass and flowers making us seem as if we were living inside the music video. Later that night, Taylor Swift posted her congratulations to the band as they received a number one. Rightfully so too, because this is such a catchy song!

Check out the music video above, or click here for the CMA Awards version. Don’t worry, if you catch yourself having this on repeat too, you aren’t alone. Trust me.