My (Two) Weeks as a Disney Princess


Okay, so maybe the title is a little bit of a stretch. I was not really a Disney princess for two weeks, but when every Cast Member greets you as a Princess, you take it in stride… even if they call every girl a Princess.

Now you probably are sitting there saying two weeks in Disney? Who does that? Well, we do. My family decided that one week was not enough, and honestly, there is never too much time in Disney. It seems like even though we were there for two weeks, we came home with a list of things we did not do. Which meant that planning another trip was quickly in the works.

Some highlights from this trip included:

Meeting A LOT of Characters:

I may be 22, but I still willingly wait in lines to meet my favorite characters from Disney movies. I love interacting with them (I’m looking at you Gaston), or trembling in fear as they intimidate you (Kylo Ren, that would be you). But either way, there is just something about seeing them all in real life that makes you remember just how magical Walt Disney really was.

Seeing the Plans Released at D23:

For those who do not know D23 is the expo out in California where Disney will announce all the upcoming attractions and designs for not only the Disney parks but for movies as well. For Disney World, the announcement of Star Wars coming to Hollywood Studios, Pixarland, as well as a new Tron ride were all featured at the expo… so, if I do not get to Disney World sooner… it looks like 2021, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary will be my next trip!

LOTS of Photos Around the Parks:

Along with all the character meet and greets, my family hit up a lot of photographers to take some group shots. Of course, if we got lucky, there was some Disney magic included, like in these photos:

So, if you were wondering why I went MIA for the month of July, this would be why. And honestly, I am still watching the Snap Chat stories because I am really missing home.


Cracker Jacks, Baseball, and Tim Tebow

It was a crazy weekend here at the Jersey Shore! Graduations, proms, Mother’s Day, and we even had Tim Tebow hanging around for a few days. The Columbia Fireflies were playing against the Lakewood BlueClaws and it seemed like everyone wanted to get a glimpse of Tim Tebow, including me. 18519761_1528712303805795_4049875284804073706_n

As typical Kristen style, I was late to the party, and ended up buying last minute tickets to Tuesday night’s game where I also got to catch up with a friend who I have not seen in a while. We ventured out to the outfield in the lawn seats, where we LUCKILY had perfect view of Tebow (for future reference, he plays left field, #15) mostly just standing around… the ball did not really ever come to him.

Tebow and Bitmoji Kristen

Thanks to Bitmojis, I had a little too much fun taking pictures of Tim Tebow

Usually when you go to the BlueClaws, you see people wearing Phillies attire since the teams are affiliated with each other. It was a completely different scene with a crowd decked out in blue and orange Mets gear supporting Tebow. It was like you wanted to root for your home team, but also root for Tebow too… a very conflicting situation in my opinion.

Although the BlueClaws did not win, Fireflies won 5-4, it was still a nice, fun night out at the ball park. Figuring I usually never go to a game during the summer, I started this season early, and I think there will be more baseball in my future… as long as it does not conflict with a race of course!

Shawn Mendes: Life of the Party

I may be too old to admit how much I love Shawn Mendes, especially figuring that at tonight’s concert in New Jersey my best friend and I were probably the oldest people there that weren’t parents. At 18, Mendes has has quite the career so far, and he is just in the beginning!

I have seen this crazy Canadian four times in the two years. First, he opened for Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony in 2014. Then, last summer he headlined the Show of the Summer in Hershey Park, and he graced the same stage as Taylor Swift as an opener for The 1989 World Tour. Now the boy is on his own World Tour!


If you have not heard of him, you might have heard his song “Life of the Party, “Stitches,” or “Treat You Better” since all three songs have made their way to pop radio. If you want to check out some songs that are in my opinion better than the radio tracks, check out: “Show You,” “Something Big,” and “Never Be Alone.” Until next time Shawn, enjoy your tour!

A New Beginning

Back in 2015, I took a journalism class that required me to make a blog for an assignment. It was awesome, and a crazy learning experience. I chose to write completely about country music (you will quickly learn that is something I am very passionate about). If you click here, you can see it for yourself 🙂

Now that was fun and all, but I wanted more. Something that I could branch out with, even though I really do eat, sleep and breathe country music. With that, this site wast created. Kristen’s Crossing is my new canvas, a place where I can talk about music, my crazy adventures, the random thoughts that pop in my head… just about anything really. So, here we go, get ready for what is to come!